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Urban Schools Need CCTV Surveillance for Buses

CCTV surveillance in the buses

CCTV surveillance in the buses

A day before Republic Day 2018, a 5-year-old boy was kidnapped from a school bus on its way to collect children from their homes in New Delhi. The entire kidnap and assault drama occurred at 7.30 am. The nursery school child was eventually rescued and one accused was shot dead. For all the innocent children, this event was indeed traumatic and scary.

This is just one critical reason that urban schools in India need to install CCTV cameras in school buses. Monitoring the vehicle while it moves is already a known and proven technology and should be made mandatory across private and public schools in the country. Read on to understand the 5 reasons and how early adaptation of this technology can safeguard the children.

CCTV Surveillance-a Proven Security

Increasing threats and violent attacks scare adults in a big way, so one can imagine what an innocent child goes through.

  • Buses in India have always been the target of vandalism, smashing window panes and torching during strikes and emergencies and political unrest.
  • When it concerns school buses the only precaution taken is to ensure that the driver and conductor have proper papers and records. When the threat is from outside, it becomes imperative that school authorities make the journey of children back home full proof and let parents have peace of mind. Globally, school buses are fitted with sophisticated CCTV cameras that monitor the bus while its ferries the children to school or home. In UAE, schools are fined if these important security apparatus is not in the school bus.
  • Advantages of installing a CCTV surveillance camera and the benefits it offers shows it is a proven security apparatus. This technology offers solutions for schools to deter potential criminals and offenders from attacking and damaging the vehicles and scaring children or hurting them.
  • Safety of children and property (buses) is important and CCTV surveillance is a mere addition to avoid tragedies.

Deal with Industry Leaders in Business

While there is an awareness of what a CCTV surveillance camera can do, the real advantages are relatively unknown to most school administrations. That is why it is necessary to source requirements for this security apparatus from industry leaders. In India, Trano Technology platform built on SQL and PHP is one of the 10 most sophisticated ones that even the government approves. It has solutions that work on the advanced GPRS and GPS technology.

Some of its essential vehicle telematics features include:School-Buses-need-CCTV-Survilience

Advantages of the CCTV Surveillance Systems Provided by Trano

The brand has a proven track record of confirmation of identity at entry points with the video surveillance information provided.

  • Each school has an administrative auto monitoring system for every bus that is on the road. If any irregularity is identified, steps can be taken with daily audits and actions with help of local police.
  • Customized solutions are provided for additional monitoring which includes monitoring the bus door, seat belt, remote voice and offers two-way communications,
  • Camera scheduling controller & vehicle swapping and merging.
  • Advanced telemetric of Trano system include total web integration, future upgrades. The software can be installed on Android, IOS, tracking website and window desktop apps. The system offers full enterprise support with GSM SIM GPRS data connection.
  • The company provides 24-hour support to school management and offers the complete product guarantee.

Ask for an appointment with our experienced executives to analyze the security of your pupils and buses. Make the move and drive others to do the same by installing Trano vehicle tracking systems.

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