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This is Your ‘Pit Stop’ for Enhancing Operations with Geo-fencing Apps


It is time to get more insight about geofencing utilities as a location-based service app. Every logistics firm understands its importance. From the time it has been introduced in the market, as the software, it uses various methods like Wi-Fi, cell data GPS or even RFID to display activity of the user. It triggers a pre-set program usually available on the smartphone. It can be simply described as a virtual boundary that encloses a geographical area.


The enabled software from Trano brand is configured to send alerts, messages, notifications or even texts. The benefits of geofencing solutions in the logistics industry make it an apt feature to install for tracking movements of vehicles in any location.

As an owner how can you leverage this technology? Consider this blog, your pit stop for transforming your business with niche Geo-fencing apps.

Truck Supply Control

A single truck or any transportation vehicle make several ‘pit stops’ as part of the supply chain that originates from the warehouse to the final destination-the customer’s doorstep. Before the Geo-fencing technology was available, there was no way to understand why a driver lost his way or made an unscheduled break, or was out of fuel on the highway. Were the goods also stolen? With the introduction of Geo-fencing applications, things have changed for vehicle owners and rest of the supply chain personnel.

As more collection of data reveals that all these issues can be tackled with niche Geo-fencing solutions, the industry has welcomed the software and emerging technology associated with it. Now every minute counts as time and speed, shortest routes and resources can be planned. Now the entire operations are trouble free and a dynamic approach helps the entire supply chain.

Detection and Tracking of Trucks & Buses


The new generation of sophisticated Geo-fencing apps from Trano brand comes with extensive features. They can be used from the time the vehicle leaves the origin. It can be tracked every minute from a central control room. Location-based messages are sent to the vehicle driver as they enter each site to make a ‘drop’ or ‘pick up’. For example, if a school bus is carrying 50 children from one area for school after it closes, the school admin can check the bus leaving for different areas, simultaneously.

What more, even the parents have an app on their cell phone to know that the bus has left and the estimated time their child will reach home. If there is a delay of more than a minute, in real time, an app notification is given to alert the parent ad school. They can call the driver or the conductor to know the reason for the delay. If there is trouble, help is on its way in no time.

In the same way f a truck loaded with a range of motorbikes moves on the highway and stops at one place for a long time, the driver can be asked immediately to explain the reasons. This way, manufacturers, distributors and third-party logistics companies can track their vehicles until they reach the destination safely. The Geo-fencing apps are vital to detect and track both buses and trucks.

The Specific Benefits of Geo-fencing

All Trano GPS tracking systems aid geofencing and are a boon for vehicle telematics. The immediate benefits are:

  • With GPS tracking and Geofencing, all plans can be rescheduled. It provides flexibility from the bay where the vehicles are stationed.
  • Documentation is not required.
  • No manual check-in is required.
  • The timeframe is specific and the cycle is reduced.
  • Driving patterns can be studied by fleet operators.
  • Data based decisions can help in staving off competition

To know more about what is geofencing and how Trano technology can enable you to have better transportation, give us a call. Our expert consultants can map out a program for your specific routes.

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