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Speed Limiting Device for Vehicles


In recent years, the number of road accidents has skyrocketed. Due to advancement in technology and also in the economy, owning a personal vehicle, be it a car or a bike or scooter has become quite affordable, unlike before. Owning a personal vehicle has become a necessity rather than the luxury it was even 30 years ago. But due to the influx of personal vehicles on the road, the number of road accidents have also increased in the recent years.


This issue is especially problematic in India, where not all the roads are in good conditions, and over speeding can often lead to a vehicle being turned over or fatal accidents. Even though there are limitations on the speed of vehicles on particular roads, especially the ones inside cities and towns, put by authorities, in most cases, it is not maintained by drivers. Given the vastness of the size our country, and the number of people living in it, it is not always possible for the authorities to keep an eye on, or catch hold of unruly drivers or over speeding cars and other vehicles. For large vehicles running long distance, such as transport trucks and long-distance buses, that also run at night time regularly, the possibility of accidents increase significantly.

In such scenarios, speed limiting devices for vehicles have come as boon given by the advancement of technology. The limit is a device that can be connected to the fuel line of a vehicle, and it helps with regulating the speed of the vehicle. But the best part about such devices is that the control of the speed is not in the hands of the driver but in the hands of the owner of the vehicle.

Limits, our vehicle speed limiting device is built upon the foundation of the most advanced technologies, that stops the drivers from over speeding and keeps the control of the speed in the authorities’ hand as well as makes sure that no unfortunate incident happens on the road or to the vehicle. Vehicle speed limiters are used mostly in school buses, school vans carrying children, other vehicles run by educational institutions, long-distance buses and transport trucks carrying goods etc.

Especially the use of vehicle speed limiter in school buses and other vehicles in which students travel, unsupervised, helps keep the speed as well as the safety of the students in check. The school authority can manage the speed from a control room within the school to keep an eye on the vehicles to make sure they are running smoothly, on the designated routes and most importantly, within the speed limit. Also, the use Limits in commercial big vehicles help by making sure that there are fewer accidents and also save a lot of money by saving fuel, as well as by keeping the vehicles within speed limits on certain roads so that they are not fined for over speeding.

Limits have not only managed to enhance and ensure the conditions of road safety, not just for the driver and riders but also for other people on the road, it has also brought much-needed peace of mind for parents of children traveling in school buses and other vehicles, and owners of transport businesses.

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