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School Bus Tracking System and Student Safety

School Bus Tracking System & Solutions for Student Safety

School Bus Tracking System & Solutions for Student Safety

A safe environment is every child’s right, be it at home, in their educational institutions, in public places, or on the road. While it is easy to ensure a child’s safety in his/her own home, it is difficult to maintain or ensure the safety of children when they are on the road, in a vehicle, especially when they are not accompanied by their parents or a guardian.

In these days of fast life, in most families, both parents go to work, and therefore, it is difficult for them to drop off their children at school or pick them up. Which is why they avail the option of sending their children to school buses, thinking it would provide some safety at least.

But considering the number of unfavorable incidents that have increased in these last few years, often endangering the safety school students while they were riding their school buses, it turns out just trusting the students to the safety of school buses is not enough. Most parents would want to know that their children are safe, and their whereabouts even while the children are riding the school bus.

All schools are bound to provide a safe haven for children for them to focus on their studies peacefully, without worry or fear. And on the other hand, parents are also just as concerned about the safety measures that a school has in place when they choose a school to send their children to get educated.

This is where Trano, our school bus tracking system comes into play. Trano works based on the global positioning system, which is better known as GPS. Through the medium of a tracker app, the parents as well school authority can locate where the school buses are at any given moment though high-end GPS service. The parents and the school authority can also check bus routes to ensure that the drivers are sticking to the planned routes, and are not taking any other routes that they should not be taking. Such tracking systems also ensure that the bus isn’t missing any stops.

In most cases, Trano not only allows parents to track the bus that their child is on in real time, such systems also notify parents with an SMS when their child enters or exits the scheduled bus, as well as the school. This feature gives parents much-needed respite.

Along with bringing peace of mind for parents, as well as ensuring proper management from the school’s end, more than anything, school bus GPS tracking systems ensure the safety of the children riding the school bus. Given the delicate nature of the major stakeholders of such services, who are children and students, the importance and necessity of school bus tracking systems in today’s time has become imperative.

Trano not only have made the issue of child safety whilst on their daily journeys to and from school, more transparent and trackable, it also works during any school excursions and educational trips. It is a given that the safety and security of their children is one of the first and foremost priorities of any conscious parent, as well as school. Which is why school bus tracking systems are solutions have come up as the very obvious and go to answer.

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