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RFID-Based Students Attendance Management System


The way we nurture and teach our young has changed drastically in the last few years and also the way they are monitored in class and outside. Technology has become the biggest disruptor even in the administration of education system in schools and universities. As even children are connected with devices, it will be interesting to see how RFID-based students attendance management system will further alter future schooling and safety of the more younger children.


Meanwhile, student information system software has already made its way in high schools across India. A well-designed product like Trano child safety ecosystem is being accepted as the perfect upgrade for parents, related education communities and school administrations.

Why schools and college campuses need to go digital with their records and invest in the latest technology as part of the education system? This informative blog throws light on the capabilities of this in-demand system and how RFID based attendance is proving to be a critical investment by school boards.

RFID Automation Replaces Roll Call

In a small way, it is sad to know that when students file into their classrooms, the roll call-an important early morning exercise in most schools will end. There will be no need to spend time on finding out how many of the 30-40 students are absent or present in class.

Radio frequency identification works right from the time the child enters the campus. This is an automated attendance that is working successfully in a few schools already. Soon it will become a norm with the newly designed Trano child safety ecosystem in a form of a chip. It is an indigenous Student Attendance Management System which is being used in many schools in South India.

Coming Back To RFID Apps, The Most Immediate Applications Are:

  • The chip does not create discomfort by wearing it.
  • It can simply be embedded into the ID card of the student.
  • The other embedding places locations include the school back or the uniform.
  • The student need not worry about it once it is attached.
  • The radio signal will be read at the school gates.

How The App Works And Keeps Parents And School Authorities Connected?

  • They (students) can be tracked in the school during recess hours
  • Who they study or play with?
  • Do they remain in the safe zone or move out of it, can be identified immediately?
  • In co-ed schools’ potential of ragging or eve-teasing can be detected
  • If they miss class, they can be questioned
  • It offers maximum accountability, credibility and will improve efficiency within the campus

The Campus Becomes More Student Friendly

RFID technology is not the only new wave in the education system. It is being scaled by student information system too. This has added to Trano child safety ecosystem which offers full support to admin in many ways. It is well designed and its prominent features are:

  • Records of each student are managed digitally via excel sheets for all the years
  • The records can be for all PTA meetings, attendance, auditors, across related communities
  • Student information right from admission, performance, reports to passing from one class to another is recorded
  • A tracking system in the school bus, libraries, canteen, health report or playground is possible with Student management system software

Trano’s Excellent Report Card For Schools

To Be Effective And Operational A Student Attendance Management System Needs:

  • Easy to use features and a simple UI design
  • Manage hectic schedules easily with the software
  • Allow communication between parents, teachers and other members of the staff
  • Daily tasks are streamlined
  • Data can be studied for better performances
  • Quick responses to emergencies involving students
  • All tasks are precise and accurate

Is your school ready to surge ahead with the new RFID-based student’s attendance management system?

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