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Intelligent Transport Management System in India


With the number of advanced vehicles plying on the roads, especially in big cities congestion is a perennial problem. In India, the problem is compounded by ‘zero’ road disciple, animals moving around, jaywalkers crossing, and no respect for traffic signals. It is a challenge for the best drivers to remain safe and keep the vehicle unharmed even from other motorists, bikes, and carts that whoosh in front of them no matter at what speed they are cruising at.


In such a dangerous scenario, it is imperative to have intelligent transport management in India. This could be the only way to manage, maneuver and navigate problems that will always be habitual on Indian roads. If you are contemplating the best transport management system to guard your high-end vehicle or fleets, knowing more about the premium product design like Trano fleet management system makes commercial and profitable sense.

Sensing Traffic Issues at Peak Hours

Globally, Intelligent traffic systems have been implemented successfully in many congested cities. It is time to introduce them to the chaotic Indian environment but with customization and caution. Global standards may not work in unique domestic road environment because it is so characteristic with underdeveloped infrastructure and undisciplined driving. Improving public transport is a clear option. It benefits the traffic police and the commuters by:

  • Giving information of road congestion during peak hours
  • The negative impact of jamming at traffic signals
  • Alert non-lane based traffic in certain localities
  • Road sensors is a future possibility
  • Smartphone mobility is also a part of research and development as products like Trano fleet management system are being used
  • Communication between sensors, regulatory authorities, and drivers with effective networking can be created

The above intelligent transport system works on specific algorithms. Products like Trano fleet management system have already been introduced successfully in the market, which is applicable during non-peak hours.

Leveraging Advanced Intelligent Transport Management in India

These intelligent systems have reduced fatalities on the roads in big cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. It can be effective in other Indian towns with awareness and correct implementation. The Trano fleet management system is being hailed as the best transport management system due to its capabilities.

To leverage its features, usage of CCTV cameras at strategic traffic signals or junctions, loop detectors (in-road magnetic ones), remote surveillance and automated controls to understand the traffic volumes are important.

The Fleet Management Software Is Designed To Offer The Following Benefits Through Its Low-Cost Package:

  • Map replay
  • Controls wastage of fuel
  • Routing
  • GPS tracking
  • Driver ID
  • Mobile applications
  • ELD completes
  • Real-time alerts
  • Truck activity report
  • Reduces and eliminates bad driving

Multiple Tracking Solutions

As one of the best transport management system, the product offers to track for:

  • Auto rickshaws
  • Buses
  • Boats
  • Business
  • Covert tracking
  • Equipment
  • Heavy equipment
  • HVAC and school bus tracking

These practical applications are in use by several prestigious clients across the country. Its further success lies in the client support the company offers on-site and remotely. The product has been designed after deep research and insight on the conditions that affect Indian roads.

Sensors on smartphones have increased and this is aiding the intelligent transport system to work its way into Indian lives. As research and development continue, other problems are being solved. These include the re-orientation of the accelerometer. The readings prove useful when there are speed breakers, potholes and road bumps! Since these are characteristic of Indian roads in the monsoons, it is a useful feature.

It also alerts braking and honking at traffic signals and to reduce the noise and air pollution. Most vehicles are now fitted with hardware and necessary software to circumvent road anomalies. And it gets better with the power of the best transport management system provided by Trano fleet management system.

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