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GPS Tracking System and Advantages

GPS Tracking System and Advantages

GPS Tracking System and Advantages

Transport security is a delicate issue and cannot depend only on insurance policies, or human driving skills. Vehicle thefts, bombings, and vandalism have been major causes of loss and extensive damage to companies that regularly need third-party logistics, sometimes often in emergencies. Thus, the needs for vehicle telemetric that rely on advanced GPS tracking system is important to safeguard your fleet vehicle on the road. There are several advantages of GPS tracking devices to invest in and avoid thefts, possible attacks on terrorism or burglary hold-ups.

To ensure safe passage on Indian roads where vehicular traffic is not organized, Trano vehicle tracking system comes with several safety features, to monitor a loaded truck, large bus or a minivan in transit. Real-time data is provided with no intrusion to the load that the vehicle carries. If your company requires third-party logistics on a regular basis, this blog is in your interest.

Road Operations and its Costs

Frequent disruptions on the road add to operational costs to vendors and customers. If your company deals with regular transportation ‘on the go’, a burglar alarm is a must inside the vehicle. As the need for safety and security increase, Trano offers solutions to automobile manufacturers to install OEM GPS tracking system. All fleet owners recognize the need for unified solutions for tracking the vehicles till they reach the destination safely. Indian manufacturers, still require justification and regular usage of advanced transport security. Operational technologies like GPS tracking devices are critical to cut losses. Protection of the entire fleet is important and it can be done in the following manner.

  • Invest in an exclusive GPS tracking system. It monitors end to end vehicle tracking once it hits the road with the load. With the help of a google map and the tracking system in the van or truck, it can be located anywhere in transit or heavy traffic. The system works 24×7 and provides information when something irregular happens. For example, a simple trigger of a burglar alarm can alert the driver and management when the vehicle makes an irregular stop on the highway or lonely road.
  • Provision of an effective mobile and radio communication with the driver and the admin/office keeps them connected. Any irregular activity can be questioned as it is spotted in real time.
  • Alert systems are one of the important advantages of GPS tracking devices. On Indian roads, they can play a crucial role in saving property and lives in times of emergencies. Trano vehicle tracking systems offer extensive features which have already been installed by several domestic fleet owners.
  • Once, the potential thieves, assaulters, and burglars know that the vehicle is protected; they are deterred from the illegal act. If an attack has already taken place, then assaulters are identified.
    Even though vehicle tracking in India is in its nascent stages, IT systems have improved. Amongst the few reliable companies that offer advanced GPS tracking system, the Trano brand comes with secure and stringent features. The systems are usable from LAN to cellular devices. It is ideal for 2-wheeler tracking, public buses, taxis, private bikes and school transport.

Other Protocols that Add to its High-Security Level Include:

  • Ability to work in small and large vehicles
  • Accuracy is about 10 meters
  • Battery is rechargeable
  • It works even in high Indian summers
  • It can withstand humidity up to 95%
  • Easy installation
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Anti-theft and vehicle immobilization
  • Tracking via web/Smartphone device
  • Can be integrated with any CRM/ERP/software

Trano is a well-known brand in Indian and overseas enterprises. It is a trusted name for CCTV surveillance and GPS tracking.

Call us for a free session on how it can improve your vehicle safety in these troubled times.

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