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GPS Tracker for Taxi Management System in India


It is a huge task to hail a cab if you do not have an app today. Getting a cab from any aggregator is easier as they are now able to track an idle vehicle nearest to your location to save time and energy to deal with errant taxi drivers. As antagonism and rivalry gears GPS tracker for Taxi Management System in India provides the vital real-time statistics to improve efficiency and help people to move at ease 24×7.


Along with this, a prominent taxi GPS tracking system offers other advantages. Taxis fitted with Trano RFID Reader, Trano140 with Panic Button, Trano MDVR and Trano Cameras have a complete upgraded a package. Probably you should realign your fleet management for uniform business with these essential installations.

We offer a guide to this process to meet diverse requirements and improve the customer experience from your end if you are into travel and tourism based in any city or town in India.

Are You into Cab Services?

A travel agency in India no longer handles only pick and drop from airports or railway stations. Along with fixed destinations, one time commute in any car model with or without chauffeurs can be simply done with the click from the smartphone app. Globally cab booking systems online have gained traction and the same is also available in India.

One of the pivotal areas of cab bookings is having a taxi tracking system fitted with some relevant features like Trano RFID Reader or Trano Cameras. If a travel agency outsources fleet for an event, they need to know where each vehicle is and if it can handle additional passengers at other destinations.

This is a part of advanced Taxi Management System today. This way, the supervisors are able to keep in touch with the drivers at all times. The addition of a Trano140 with Panic Button is important if there is a delay in the service. Information can be given in real time to take action.

The problems could be due to the route change, congestion, delay in arrivals or departures or unscheduled stops. To have peace of mind, technology has produced Taxi GPS tracking system. It is a boon for several reasons and as the perfect solution provider to its clients, Trano offers some really practical gains.

Complete Taxi Management Solution Provider

Important components installations make Trano the first choice for various business owners who constantly have trucks, buses, and coaches on the move. Products like Trano RFID Reader, Trano140 with Panic Button, Trano MDVR and Trano Cameras offer a host of features as the end to end solutions.

The Following Chart Displays All its Possibilities.

  1. Vehicle tracking device & terminal
  2. Features and capabilities
  3. Vehicle/taxi tracking system
  4. Real-time data, tracing of the driver with taxi/truck via mapping on google
  5. UI design for easy navigation, touchscreen
  6. Optimization for the route tracker
  7. Availability of customized geofencing
  8. Customer services 24×7 engineering team available for IT support
  9. Calls managed through IVR
  10. Offers secure data on passengers for reporting
  11. Online and binary booking/dispatch facility
  12. Data generation and alerts Taxis are dispatched once a customer calls
  13. Each driver is connected to an intelligent system on the dashboard
  14. Taxi Management System’s safety solutions
  15. Driver records and duty management
  16. Manages multiple tasks Panic button for driver and passengers
  17. Ignition status reports
  18. Alerts for taxi maintenance via SMS
  19. Breakdown warnings
  20. Scheduling and report generation enroute
  21. Reinforcements for emergencies
  22. Action for taxi immobility at odd hours
  23. Hardware for invoicing and billing
  24. Distance traveled during multiple trips

If you are in travel business or a corporate all these features are vital to remaining ahead of competitors. Automated functions and GPS tracker Taxi management is a must in establishing yourself as a market leader.

We can become your IT partners with the above-advanced products. Contact us for your requirement.

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