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GPS Geo-fencing Technology Alerts and Tracking


When innovation comes over, there are numerous doubts and questions associated with its adaptability across verticals. Being aware of specific clarifications will be advantageous to comprehend their utility. Geo-Fencing is one such innovative trend that is driving vehicle telematics and many other industries. There are plenty benefits of Geo-fencing solutions that make transportation easy.


Let’s run through it to be abreast of its value proposition in various levels of transportation and logistics that Trano technology provides. It is also used in other industries too as this blog explains how geofence alert feature and the GPS tracker are essential for various businesses.

The System Works On Tracking Ability

Its greatest features are time trackers and alerts. Numerous Geo-fencing applications are incorporated into Google Earth. It allows the administrator to design the limit, on a satellite view to spot the exact region. About 80% of transportation companies use area wise reports and tracking systems connected to this system. If someone breaks the fence, even a cell phone app will alert the admin about breaking the fence. To explain what is a geo-fence alert, it is best to understand it with an example as it saves money and time.

Many fleet managers tell their drivers, ‘give me a call once you reach there’. The same could be said for a son who is driving a vehicle to another city from where his parents live. While the parents are sentimental, it is not so with the fleet managers. They have to ensure that the drivers are punctual and do not waste time. They need to keep a track of the drivers.

This is where Trano brand’s unique GPS tracker comes into the picture. It is a device that is installed in the vehicle to keep a check on the movement of the driver and the vehicle he is driving. When a particular area is geofenced, it is indicated in a different color. If the driver or target moves in or out he can be tracked. If he wanders off, then a geofence alert is sounded. Immediately the driver will be asked why he has strayed from the specific area.

Time Tracking Devices Streamline the Workforce

Geofence Time Tracking works even when you don’t know it is around. The apps know your movements as the smartphone you carry knows when to send a push notification or an alert-it could be for a coffee break or to let you know that something has gone wrong with the delivery truck on the way. When it comes to time tracking every employer wants to know that the employees are not willing their time during work hours.

Employee compliance requires time tracking and it impacts the productivity in a big way. Various alert systems have been introduced to stop employees from reporting wrong times when they come to work. Some leave the site and the time trackers can trace their movements. It works like a GPS tracker for the automobile which is on the highway.

Various time tracking systems can be used to locate people automatically-from job site geofencing to working in offices. Now, these features can be incorporated even if the cellphone signals of employees are weak. They can be synced with the admin app. A direct access to the server can also be used with advanced Trano technology.

Geofence Alert Feature-Useful Tool

It is a wonderful tool that enables lone workers like drivers to be tracked and alerted if necessary. The alert feature is already capable of letting people know on their cell phones if their homes are being burgled if they are in an office or out of town. It safeguards and triggers caution and everything can be controlled from the smartphone app. Today, geofencing is a technology that is helping many business owners to change the way they operate.

Right from making the workplace sage to detecting fraud, wayward staff and management all can be executed.Trano Technology as a brand delivers enormous values to its customers. Call us for your geofencing needs. We can help you to set up customized time trackers and alerts. We would love to come over and explain how it works.

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