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Geo-fencing – An Established Virtual Boundary Supports SME Business Growth

An Established Virtual Boundary Supports SME Business Growth

Just to make you understand the way Geo-fencing works, take the example of a rural shepherd who has a herd of cattle or sheep or any other livestock. Tinkling bells and collars were used back then when there was no digital technology. The shepherd knew if any cow or sheep strayed from the geographical region if he was unable to hear the sound of the bell.


Today, radio frequency identification, GPS tracking devices, and Geo-fencing have taken over from the tinkling bells. In fact, these processes have unlimited potential to track much more-from husbands, children, groceries, and shipment on the way! The spurt of Geo-fencing companies worldwide shows that the time is appropriate to understand how establishing a virtual boundary supports even an SME business growth.

Would you like to know how it can accelerate your existing business before you sign up with a Geo-fencing company whose brand Trano is recognized across India?

The Upgraded Process of Geo-fencing

Just as we spoke of the shepherd who could be alerted if his livestock strayed from pre-defined boundaries in the open meadows, the same works for buses, trucks, vans, and trailers. As many people use smartphones also to conduct business, the Trano technology is affordable to every businessman for day to day business. It can be a super marketing tool and dealing with the correct Geo-fencing companies can change the growth pattern of business. How can Geo-fencing help my business to expand beyond my location of operation?

Look at this chart to understand the possibilities when it comes to vehicle telematics.


The Scope of Geo-fencing Companies for SME Business

As one understands the unlimited possibilities of Geo-fencing, it is natural that to run any niche business the process has to be customized for effectiveness. Geo-fencing companies in India have a large scope of work that makes it simpler for SME business owners to adopt the technology at affordable costs. Knowing the Trano Geo-fencing software capabilities and its features will assist in business development. To help you select the right vendor to ask the following questions.

  • Will the Geo-fencing be restricted or there is a flexibility of shape and size of the areas to be bound by virtual fencing? For example, should be area-wise or cover the entire city or country. Depending on the business and networks the software can be created. They can also be aligned with the GPS systems.
  • Can you Geo-fence a competitor’s region? Yes, it could be possible if done in an ethical manner.
    The maximum Geo-fencing can be reduced to about 20 meters. This gives the accuracy levels. A Geo-fencing should not have perfect circles as they can be restrictive. It could possibly be a triangle or even a square-shaped area to be bound.
  • Monitoring can be done from anywhere. The beauty of Geo-fencing apps is that multiple locations can be Geo-fenced. For example, if there are three buses moving in different parts of the city they can be all tracked in one single control room.
  • All addresses can be put into latitude and longitudes when vehicles or anything needs to be tracked.
    With plugins, the Geo-fencing apps work on the smartphones. There is no hardware required and the costs are affordable.
  • Geo-fencing companies offer the support staff for all maintenance.
  • The apps are self-reliant and need not be opened each time. They can capture all the action and give alerts and notifications when the vehicle or target is on the move.
  • All Geo-fencing solutions need a battery for triggering multiple virtual fences.
  • Choose vendors who have a deep knowledge of the way these apps work.

Many companies require vehicles to run their businesses. A tracking system like Trano is essential for better management.

Closing thoughts on the emerging technology-Trano is a well-known brand that offers some of the best Geo-fencing solutions across India. The company is an enabled technology partner for several clients. It’s time you become a part of our growth story.

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