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Geo-fencing Protection for GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices


Geo-fencing Protection

As geo-fencing trends, it is becoming the most significant process for security innovation. Its ability to restrict, alert, tracking features make its benefice across industry verticals. As new data emerge, the combination of geo-fencing protection for GPS tracking devices is gaining traction.


While on one hand security breaches are becoming more complex, the geo-fencing vehicle tracking is undergoing more transformations. The threats are both internal and external and they force companies to adopt technologically advanced protection measures. To stop a company’s damage to property and assets along with the reputation, there are at least three valued motivational reasons to go for GPS geo-fence security by Trano a well-known brand with advanced tech-features.

A Case Study of the Construction Business

Geo-fencing vehicle tracking becomes indispensable

On-Site Protection via Virtual Boundary

When it comes to fleet management in the construction business, the heavy-duty equipment, trailers, and cranes are often in use on site. Many 3rd party workers, contractors, and other human resources work together on site. They necessarily do not know each other. There needs to be an invisible security apparatus to keep people and equipment in check during the work and after the day’s job is over. The owner is advised to have a geo-fencing unit installed to identify and check each vehicle on the site.

Trano offers geo-fencing vehicle tracking helps in letting the contractors and supervisors know when a truck/trailer/van enters and exits the site. The record of all the time spent inside and outside the sit is also recorded. Does this he in productive working hours? Of course, it does. Keep a track of all the large and medium-sized equipment which has been hired. If there is any damage to them, it will be reported and an explanation can be asked for right away.

Theft Protection

There is no doubt that security threats have become complex and have increased. Geo-fencing solutions from Trano are geared to help construction companies and other industries also to avail of the best protection software and processes. Transportation is one of the largest users of geo-fencing protection for GPS tracking devices. Restricted access to device apps is crucial so that no theft takes place. An enabled device works inside the company premise and also on the job site.

Employees should know how to protect the data that is being transferred, communicated or migrated from one device to another. A tracking system lets the IT department also keep a check on any wrong implementation of the apps. It stops information leak on devices. On the job site, it ensures that a GPS tracking device monitors fuel leaks. This is the stretchable range of possibilities by creating virtual boundaries. It is an integral part of data protection tools.

Why is Environmental Compliance Necessary?

When a vehicle enters a restricted area it needs to comply with rules-it could be a hospital, historical site or construction site. If the driver breaks rules, by making loud noises, parking in the wrong direction or moving in restricted areas then he can be alerted by the geo-fencing alert feature. When correct data is produced, complaints can be handled also. Such features lend transparency to the work being done on or near sensitive sites.

Geo-fencing combined with the data from GPS tracking offers solutions to work in a better environment. For instance, if a child moves out from the predetermined area after boarding the bus, then a red alert can be sounded to take action. The driver can be alerted to find out why the child has wandered off. Such a solution offers peace of mind to the parents till the child returns home and there is no mishap on the way.

Geographical Boundaries via Geo-fencing

GPS geo-fencing is currently recognized as the most advanced system worldwide for logistics companies, construction businesses and those who run ambulances. With the assistance of mobile device management, it is geared to offer better productivity and protection.

To find out how your business can be supported with geo-fencing and GPS tracking device like Trano, give us a call. Trano technology offers solutions for vehicle tracking and fuel thefts. We have enough insightful data to prove how it can boost your business.

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