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Fuel Monitoring System in India

Fuel Monitoring System

Fuel Monitoring System

Get More Mileage with Fuel Consumption Monitoring Systems for Vehicles

For better management, many fleet owners have adapted to a fuel monitoring system. It is done to stop tanks from leaking and control fraud attempts to steal fuel or tamper with the vehicle. The cost of fuel in India is very high, most owners need real-time fuel monitoring. In case you need more mileage from your vehicles then you must know how the latest systems which can help the vehicles to run better.

This blog offers a deep insight into factors that influence fuel consumption and how improvements in new monitoring systems by a trusted brand offer fuel efficiency levels.

Reduce Fuel Wastage

The biggest losses occur when a vehicle is in motion for long distant hauls and fuel consumption is not efficient. Old vehicles are genuine guzzlers but when a new vehicle does that there is cause for concern. If a truck or van is not monitored, it is vulnerable to fuel thefts which are common in many parts of India. An efficient fuel monitoring system will stop attempts of thefts in its tracks and also avoid wastage.

There are digital fuel sensors and multi-level calibration which offer about 98% accuracy. They are useful for heavy-duty trucks, generator vans, minibusses, long coaches and even SUVs. If there is GSM coverage in an area, the systems work very well. GPS trackers and sensors work with the right software to monitor the fuel. The cost of Trano brand is affordable and ideal for Indian vehicles that immediately require real-time fuel monitoring on a daily basis.

The Uniqueness of Trano Monitoring Systems

Apart from being an affordable brand of one of the few companies which is government recognized, the fuel monitoring system offers practical and theoretical management of all tasks. The initial task is done by making a hole in the fuel tanker if a full investigation is required. To install Trano, there is no need to drill the hole. The sensing device can be placed strategically and taped firmly. In case of a car, drilling or extra installation may be required. For trucks and generators, the process is easier. A GPS tracker allows the driver to know when the tank is low on fuel or is empty. This is an advanced service provided as part of smart GPS tracking solutions.

Fuel Monitoring System Works Handled by Experts

When you choose the right solution provider, you will understand how fuel management can save costs in a big way. When you are able to manage the fuel economy, this is what happens:

  • The system is able to track a single vehicle or an entire fleet which moves in different directions. All this happens in real time. You can also get a vehicle to vehicle breakdown.
  • It will enable you to set up future consumption targets. This is the power of real-time fuel monitoring power
  • When you can control the purchase of fuel, it provides a deep insight into what may trigger problems in advance. If there is a mismatch in buying fuel and is not recorded by the GPS then the driver can be questioned.
  • The fuel monitoring system works when refills are required. It is a perfect way to know how much fuel has been consumed. Make a chart of these refills and analyze what needs to be done to make consumption more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Many drivers tend to remain idle with the engine on! Now you can be alerted and speak to the driver about it. It will also help to understand why harsh brake applications, speeding or rapid accelerations cause more fuel consumption. As you track all these, the bills will obviously reduce.

Should you need more information on how Trano can be installed in your fleet, do let us know. We shall be glad to offer a demo and support after installation.

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