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Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System

These days, the number of vehicles on the road has increased tremendously, especially in the last one decade or so. Due to advancements in the field of technology, what was earlier only possible for few people to acquire, has now become commonplace stuff. And cars and vehicles are one such thing.

In recent years, the economy has made it possible for more people to afford vehicles. But that also means that the traffic on the road has increased significantly. Such increase in traffic has made accidents and other undesirable incidents commonplace thing. This holds true especially for a third world country like India, where not all the roads are in great condition. Also considering the fact that India is the second most populated country in the world, it is notable that the number of buses, trucks, cars and other vehicles overcrowds the road while being overcrowded themselves. This makes navigating on the roads of India even more accident prone than certain other countries.

Due to the influx of traffic accidents and such issues, it becomes difficult to send help everywhere as needed, and as promptly. Such problems have tremendous negative implications when the stakeholders are vulnerable. For example, school children riding a school bus, or a businessman who has transport business and has a number of vehicles on the road regularly. Especially in case of schools that have multiple school buses running in different routes, or a transport business person with the fleet of vehicles on the road, it becomes difficult to help all the vehicles at once in case of emergency.

This is where the mantra “prevention is better than cure” comes in to play. One of the immediate logical solutions to this problem would arrange for fleet management system “Trano”. Trano works with the help of GPS fleet tracking. High-end GPS trackers are installed in the buses, trucks, cars that are fleet management service enabled, that continually collect, store and send data to the person or people in charge of managing the fleet of vehicles. In this way, multiple vehicles can be managed and can be accounted for all at once, without any hassle.

Trano’s backend software interface also gives the manager access to extremely detailed reports such as the distance moved by each vehicle of the fleet, expected the time of arrival at each stop, time of departure from the route etc. The person in charge of managing can review routes to make sure that the drivers are obliged to previously planned routes, and are not missing or avoiding any stop. The fleet manager can also be informed via text message or email alerts in case of the drivers of speeding or in case any of the vehicle has been in an accident. This, in turn, enables the manager to take prompt measures to take care of whatever adverse situation the vehicle is in.

Trano, in some cases also come with the speed limiting system, which enables the manager to not only make sure that the drivers are not over speeding their vehicles, it also helps them take a step and control the speed of a vehicle in case of actual over speeding.

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