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What is the Difference Between Geo-fencing and Geo-targeting?


Okay, both terms-Geo-fencing and Geo-targeting have something to do with locations and this is where the similarity ends. Geo-targeting is done on social media platforms to connect with various individuals or groups for marketing and advertising. It is a strategy that lets a company showcase their products to specific individuals. On the other hand, Geo-fencing is a virtual boundary that encircles an area or tracking an automobile in motion on the road or highway.


Both are used to keep an eye on the ‘target’ so that it does not wander off the path and Trano technology offers them across India. Other than this, there are areas where the two are distinct in features. Once you know the difference between geofencing and geo-targeting, use them to your advantage for business.

Overview of the Difference

Geofencing Geo-targeting Can you use it?
Used by companies and business to track and locate and restrict vehicular movement. Popular social media tool to target audiences for marketing and advertising. If your business involves the daily movement of buses, delivery vans or trailers or even fleet of cars both are useful.
People use it to locate friends in nearby areas. It targets IP address, recorded address. Automobile sector and logistics industries use geofencing apps.
Various trade and home-based services use geofencing to reach their customers. It can also narrow done to the country, state/region. City and pin code. Digital marketing strategies for many FMCG companies utilize geo-targeting.
Location data helps to give alerts and notifications it could be for bad weather too if a driver is taking longer to reach his destination. It can identify the age, gender, language, interests and preferences behavior of the person. Different reasons make them useful for multiple platforms.
It is a virtual boundary around a location of IP address of the user. Facebook and Twitter platforms are used to geo-targeting.

Geo-fencing vs Geo-Targeting

There is an increase in the usage of mobile apps. In 2015, nearly 30% of people were found to be active on their cell phones worldwide. One big reason is, they are able to install apps that can be used for personal and private use. As people find location-based apps very beneficial to locate areas and addresses, they are using it to find reservations, restaurants, shops, and places to travel.

All Trano Apps are designed to save time and not get lost. There is no need to ask unknown strangers addresses and land up in no man’s land and begin a stressful search again. If you wish to add digital extensions to your marketing team then you may face a dilemma-will it is Geo-fencing vs Geo-targeting? When are apps used what happens?

Geo-targeting works when a push notification can be sent knowing the last available location of the device. This is a location-based marketing. For example, people nearby a specialty restaurant or supermall or specific installation get notifications if they are in the vicinity.

To Classify Trano’s Geofencing Ability Pay Attention to the Following Points:

  • Geo-fencing is utilized as a ‘child location tracking service’ that gives a clear picture to parents or a guardian if their wards had left a predefined territory around school or some other area.
  • Human Resource division needs geofencing for observing field workers in specified areas. A worker can likewise log his way-in and way-out by using the geo-fencing device in a GPS enabled gadget.
  • Insecurity service models it monitors the locations in local areas.
  • Supervisors can rapidly recover stolen vehicles. The software shows where a vehicle is consistently seen. It enables quick recovery of a stolen vehicle. A feature in it sends them to the exact location to find the vehicle.
  • Alerts to customers are sent on cell phones when they enter a marked destination and it is particularly useful for parent and children to meet one another.

Trano is a reputed brand that is being used by several companies It has been installed with the latest GPS tracking technology. With the help of geofencing applications, it has been able to give peace of mind to thousands of consumers.

Call us for an appointment to know more about how Trano technology can prove beneficial for your company.

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