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Best GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems in India


As depressing as it may sound, with every passing day, our society is getting more and more dangerous for safe living. The number of crimes and accidents are increasing, especially on the road, often due to a massive surge in traffic on the roads as well as other factors. Children are twice as much in danger because they are dependent upon adults for their protection.


Road safety is also an issue for people running and working in the business of transport and such. Not only is people’s lives at stake, but also their livelihood in such cases. Anyone unfavorable incident has the potential to cause harm to a large number of people.

Yet it is the right of people to have a safe environment to navigate through. While ensuring people’s safety at their own home is highly possible, with the help of various security measures, it is difficult to maintain or ensure the similar amount of safety while people are on the road, in a vehicle. This holds true even more so when it comes to children navigating on their own.

While in less populated countries maintaining road safety, or bringing in help after an accident or simply responding to a problem on the road is easy, that doesn’t hold true for India, simply because of the vastness of the land and also for the number of people who live in this country. Such issues are especially problematic in cities like Hyderabad, which is highly populated, is too vast for any government authority to manage without any problems. But the invention of Trano has made the issue of road safety not only a measurable one but also helped to make it actually possible.

Trano works with the most advanced technologies. Based on the global positioning system, which is better known as GPS, vehicle tracking devices help track a vehicle, any vehicle that the device is connected to, that is on the road. Through the medium of a tracker app, people can check where a particular car or bus is located at any given moment though high-end GPS service.

People can also check whether the drivers are sticking to the planned routes, and are not taking any other routes that they should not be taking. Such tracking systems also ensure that the vehicles aren’t missing any stops. Tracking system for vehicles is most used in trains, goods transport trucks, commercial long-distance buses running between cities, and school buses.

In fact, the GPS tracker of Trano not only allow parents to track the bus that their child is on, or a businessman to track where his goods truck is in real time, such systems also notify concerned guardians or owners with an SMS when their vehicle leaves or reaches a destination. Especially for parents, SMS notification tells them when their child enters or exits the scheduled bus, or the school, giving the parents some much-needed respite.

Trano ensures the safety of the children who are riding a school bus or van, along with bringing peace of mind for parents and ensuring proper management from the school authority’s side. The necessity of GPS enabled tracking systems for vehicles is of utmost importance, given the way the world is today, in a city like Hyderabad.

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