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Best Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System in India


With the precarious conditions on Indian roads and highways, it is hard for drivers and owners to keep the tires of their vehicles in the optimum state. Unfortunately, they do not even consider low tire pressure as a safety issue till they have a bad experience in a remote region or at an odd hour after midnight. Adopting proper tire inflation practices benefit the owners and safeguards vehicles.


If you are a fleet owner of trucks, tourist coaches or even school buses the following information on smart tire safety monitor is a must-read. Such a habit adoption accelerates mileage value, and tires have a longer lifespan if you use the Trano Smart Tyre Pressure Sensor if you have fleets playing across the country roads every month in different road conditions and seasons.

Why Pay Attention To Tire Pressure?

Most drivers may not even know what the symbol means when they switch on the ignition. They rarely look at the dashboard and focus immediately on hitting the road at top speed. Nearly 42% of drivers are not even able to identify this symbol and do not understand what could happen. When this alert symbol comes up on the dashboard and the driver continues to cruise, he does not understand the seriousness of an underinflated tire which could make the vehicle accident prone.

In the USA, plenty of sports utility vehicles crash due to this problem. This also happens in other countries and hence it became necessary to develop a tire pressure monitoring system. With technology, every high-end vehicle has this feature. Even in India where the world’s best vehicle models run on roads in metros and small towns, this is a priority.

While no one can reinvent the wheel, it can certainly be accentuated with the best features to make it roadworthy on a long-term basis. If you realize that tire pressure can directly relate to the overall health of the car’s system, then read further for a better long drive.

Identifying The Best Tire Pressure Monitor in India

Knowing how the smart tire safety monitor works are crucial before identifying the best one for your needs. The product needs to be sensor-based as it provides data in real time to the driver. The new age products like Trano Smart Tyre Pressure Sensor are designed to work within the following parameters as a complete package.

  • Optimum temperature
  • Single chip circuit
  • Wake up or alert feature
  • Microcontroller
  • RV transmitter with 2 chips

With the importance of tire pressure, advanced features of driving products include Best Tire Pressure Monitor which is enabled with Bluetooth technology. It can be monitored via smartphone. An average motorist will know if the pressure is falling down and can take safety measures to repair. All features are functional and easy to understand once it is integrated into the vehicle.

Overview Of The Product & Benefits

To know more about the best tire pressure monitoring system in India, try Trano Smart Tyre Pressure Sensor. The tire rubber needs to be tight enough so the vehicle can move smoothly even on rough roads. Having a professionally designed product in a utility or goods vehicle or even for family cars reduces the fuel consumption. The kit comes with industrial grade compliance.

The installation is very simple and support from the company is available. The alert or warning comes in audio and visual format. It is time to take a reality check if you are in the business of fleet management. This is an ideal cost effective Tire Pressure Monitoring System designed specifically for Indian road conditions for fleet management and individual usage.

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