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Best Asset Tracking Systems in India

Best Asset Tracking Software Systems

These days, people are almost always on the move. People move from their hometowns for jobs or studies; sometimes simply move from one city to another for better living conditions. Sometimes even offices also shift base, perhaps to a larger building once it grows bigger. While moving, all their assets, in case of normal people and families, their furniture, electronic equipment, other physical assets also move. Similarly when an office moves, so do the furniture, decorations, the office equipment, piles of documents, books, indoor plants etc, pretty much everything that the office owns.

Best Asset Tracking Software Systems

In either of the cases, its very difficult, but important to keep a track of the things when those are on the move. Along with that, it is also important that a proper inventory of the things are kept, in order to avoid misplacing anything. Another very important thing is the make sure that the assets on the move are handled properly, and are not broken or damaged in any way. Proper maintenance of the assets at every step of the move is very important.

It is not just on the move that assets need protecting; even when static, assets and equipment need proper maintenance, as well as need to be properly accounted for. Otherwise, especially for offices, problems arise, regarding whose responsibility it was to maintain the assets and so on. Even at a personal level, loss of assets one has spent significant money on can be devastating. This is where Trano, asset tracking software system comes in.

Trano works with the combined system of desktop software, barcode scanners, barcode labels, and mobile devices to streamline the process of tracking of the assets, such as equipment, items tools, from the time of acquisition until those are retired. This could be done for the assets of a household, a small office, or for businesses with multiple facilities and offices spread across various cities and places, where the monitoring can be done from one central office.

Trano is based on three main principles, documenting asset items, identification of the location asset is in, and tracking the movement of said assets. In the process, certain small but important collateral processes take place – such as taking pictures of the assets, capturing signatures from people in charge when the assets move from one place to another, scheduling maintenance check, performing maintenance events, depreciation calculations, and so on. Physical inventory is also performed on the assets regularly; this is another process that inputs data in the asset tracking system, which allows equipment tracking software to accurately manage the assets, and account for them properly.

Equipment tracking software can also keep a tab on when an asset delivery is overdue, or when the warranty on the asset tracking system is closing warranty expiration date, and send alerts in the form of text messages or emails.

Asset tracking can be done on IT equipment, office equipment, furniture, job site equipment, field service equipment, and tools, so on and so forth. Trano, the best asset tracking software systems also work on IT assets, with the help of IT asset management software.

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