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Ambulance GPS Tracking System in India

Ambulance GPS Tracking system

Ambulance GPS Tracking System

Ambulances come under essential services in India. Applying vehicle telematics and upgrading them with vital ambulance GPS tracking ensures that a life under medical threat can be saved. Trano is a reliable brand name that is trusted by ambulance owners in several Indian cities. It has upgraded the utility value of the patient transportation.
It allows key integration with several connections to monitor-when it leaves the hospital to take the patient, its movement in transit and time of arrival back in the hospital. An efficient ambulance
GPS tracking system is required to facilitate the primary treatment which can be provided in the vehicle itself, till the hospital is reached. If you have a fleet of ambulances operating, then look at the possible benefits such a GPS system offers.

Pain point of an Ambulance driver in India!

Ask any ambulance driver in India what he has to go through when he battles the traffic to reach a critically ill patient to a hospital. He has to wade through ignorant car drivers and bikers who do not even give way to the ambulance to move. The situation is worse during the peak hours. Many patients die on the way to the hospital. These drivers switch lanes, try to jump signals and speed. sometimes on one-way streets or wrong lanes.
A patient who has already met with a potential heart attack does not get treatment on time. The only ones who manage to reach anywhere on time are pizza delivery boys who move like misguided missiles in dense traffic. The traffic control room needs a real-time GPS mapping to make sure an ambulance manages to reach the nearest hospital on time. Until then, the corridors for movement are very restricted for these emergency vehicles. The driver cannot save a life but the system like
ambulance GPS tracking is more valuable.

Emergency responses quicker with GPS tracking

Trano is a leading brand name in ambulance GPS tracking system in India. The company offering this system provides the following solutions to make the service provider more efficient in responding to medical emergencies.

  1. With the appropriate tracking solution, the nearest ambulance can be picked from the patient’s location. It saves time during peak hours. Even the closest hospital can be located to admit the casualty.
  2. The ambulance needs to accumulate the ‘golden hours’ to save a precious life. The GPS tracking system will verify the driver, the mileage a vehicle uses to reach the nearest healthcare facility.
  3. If the ambulance needs to be re-routed, to another hospital, the shortest possible routes are offered by ambulance GPS tracking.
  4. The sirens and its lights can also be monitored as they navigate the traffic.
  5. The driver also needs to be safe in non-emergency situations hence he should be able to take safer routes with less speed when a patient is not in the vehicle.
  6. The advanced systems have web-based solutions with keypad integration for smooth travel. The sensors and trackers provide live updates.
  7. While the vehicle is being tracked, the driver focuses only on driving and not on updating his position or where he is stuck.
  8. Vehicles with proper GPS tracking are a boon to collect roadside accident victims.
  9. In non-emergency conditions, vehicle maintenance reports can be filed.
  10. Critical health data can be measured while the vehicle is on the route.

When seconds and minutes count, Trano is unbeatable in its tracking systems. The systems are geared to handle vehicle breakdowns. This also calls for firefighting units to have installations to help ambulances and drivers to do their job in quick time.

Live GPS trackingis already proven to be an asset to many ambulance owners and hospitals. The systems help in the predictive analysis for improving the fleet’s performance.

For all your GPS needs for essential vehicles and how Trano vehicle tracking system is an asset ask us for a detailed presentation. We also help to save lives.

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